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W&S Management Services, Inc. has been handling investments, financial planning, and business consulting in Rochester, NY since 2000.  Founded as part of the CPA firm, Ward & Schmerbeck, P.C. our firm was originally created to provide high quality, unbiased investment advice that was in short supply given the commission and sales driven approach of that time.  We found an immediate niche by offering commission free investments with low operating expenses and using our accounting expertise to minimize the overall tax impact of these investments to our clients. Our approach has broadened since that point, but the same values animate our firm today.

Our Values:

Independence: We are a Registered Investment Advisory firm that fiercely guards our independence at every turn.  We research and design most of our solutions in-house and seek out answers for our clients wherever they may be.  While we work with a variety of companies and solutions to service our clients, we do not accept any outside compensation and have never sold a product for commission.  The goal has always been to offer the best possibly solutions for each individual who comes to our office.

Honesty:  Our fee only model is in keeping with the origins of our firm, the ethics and DNA that are strongly embedded in our accounting history remain front and center.  We work for our clients and maintain a fiduciary responsibility to serve their best interests at all times. 

Accessibility: We strive to be both approachable and flexible. We have no asset minimums giving us the ability to customize solutions to fit you.  We have helped recent graduates balance student loans while setting up their first 401(k), worked with business owners selling their companies for tens of millions of dollars as they transition towards retirement, and just about everyone in between.

About: Who We Are
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