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The W&S Approach to Wealth Management

A good advisor not only listens, but asks questions that prompt the client to contemplate their goals.  This often leads to discovering a priority that was previously hidden or overlooked.  This process is at the center of our interaction with clients, throughout their lives.  Over time, financial and personal situations will change, but through open and comprehensive communication, we seek to ensure that each client is in tune with their objectives, and our process is designed to deliver on those goals.

  1. Gathering Information: We collect all the pertinent information regarding current investments and financial situation.

  2. Goals & Objectives: Detailed meeting with an advisor to discuss client needs, current savings, investment holdings, risk tolerance and expectations.

  3. Strategy Development: We devise a comprehensive investment strategy that maximizes tax efficiency, minimizes risk, and creates the best chance of success.

  4. Implementation: Security selection and implementation of plan.

  5. Evaluation & Monitoring: A continual process that involves monitoring changes in personal circumstances, tax-law revisions, changing market conditions or mutual fund management, as well as constant assessment of the risk-reward profile for each portfolio.

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